Private Clients

Bespoke training in West London

I take a limited number of private clients to work with me in the West London area. I am an experienced practitioner in working with those with particular health concerns or who need extra care with their health and fitness and take the approach that although there might be the presence of injury or disease, it is possible to significantly improve all round health, mobility and fitness. Great results have included new mothers regaining their strength and fitness post birth, disabled clients no longer fearing progression to a wheelchair, older clients going from not leaving the house to enjoying long walks, Diabetics reducing their sugar levels and managing their conditions through lifestyle change, an obese client significantly reducing their weight and running their first half marathon, and many more. I have current clients who are happy to share their experiences of working with Holland Wellbeing so please contact me for more information and references.

Specialities include:

– Ante and post natal

– Obesity and advanced weight management

– Diabetes (Type 1 and 2)

– Exercise referrals (I take referrals from Physiotherapists, GPs, Osteopaths and other health professionals). This covers conditions including muscular skeletal issues, asthma, hypertension, depression and anxiety, stress, arthritis etc

– Level 4 advanced personal trainer

I work with clients in their own home (or outside if they prefer) and bring all equipment with me.