Alexander Technique

Improving Performance

What is the Alexander Technique and why should I learn it?

Do you have back ache, muscles aches and strains, twinges that will not go away? Are you a performer? Do you spend long periods at a desk or on your feet? Are you a human being? In which case, the Technique can help.

The Alexander Technique has been well known among actors and musicians for decades, as it is an incredibly useful tool in improving performance. Improving performance has a much wider application though as we can all improve how we do every-day activities and over the years, many people have used the Technique to help manage health conditions, to learn to move more freely and reduce strain and to feel better in every-day life. So the Technique is open to everyone and anyone to learn.

What actually happens in an Alexander lesson?

The student chooses their activity, whether this be sitting in a chair, walking, speaking etc. This can literally be any form of activity within reason. The teacher will interact with the student through discussion and most notably, with the use of their hands. This ‘hands on’ work is to help guide the student into letting go of excess tension and to move more effectively.

I run regular courses in the Alexander Technique with corporate clients in central London and with private clients in West London (Ealing, Uxbridge and Harrow), as well as working with individuals and groups. I am also available for lessons in your own home. Please contact me on 07957 417718 for further details.